Why choose OPI for your nail treatments

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Are you looking to take your salon's nail treatments to the next level? As a beauty professional, investing in quality training and products is crucial to providing exceptional service to your clients. That's where OPI comes in. With their industry-renowned professional products and treatments, OPI empowers artists to elevate their nail treatments and stand out in a competitive industry. 


Why choose OPI? 

Unparalleled quality 

OPI is renowned for its high-quality products that deliver stunning results. From vibrant polishes to durable gels, each product is formulated with the finest ingredients to ensure long-lasting wear and superior performance. When you use OPI products in your salon, you can trust that you're offering your clients nothing but the best. 

Extensive colour range 

One of the standout features of OPI is its extensive colour range. With hundreds of shades to choose from and new launches every season, you'll never be limited in your creativity. Whether your client is seeking a classic nude, a bold statement colour or some on-trend nail art, OPI has the perfect shade to suit their preferences. 

Innovative formulas 

OPI is constantly innovating and developing new formulas to meet the evolving needs of beauty professionals and their clients. From advanced gel technologies to nourishing treatments, OPI products are designed to deliver exceptional results while prioritising the health and integrity of the natural nail. 

Trusted by professionals 

OPI has been a trusted name in the beauty industry for decades and for good reason. Beauty professionals around the world rely on OPI products to deliver flawless manicures and pedicures to their clients. When you choose OPI, you're joining a community of passionate professionals who are dedicated to excellence. 

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Online OPI GelColor conversion course 

When it comes to gel nail treatments, the OPI GelColor system is one of the industry’s most loved. If you’re an existing gel nail artist that wants to start using the GelColor range in treatments, you can convert to the system with an online conversion course. 

We’ve partnered up with OPI to offer this online education totally free with the purchase of any GelColor product. 

The course ensures you’re able to make the most out of the products and get the very best results. It covers everything from product knowledge and the science behind the formulas to application, removal and troubleshooting. 

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Investing in OPI nail treatments and training is a surefire way to elevate your salon services and give your clients the very best gel manicures. With their top-quality products, innovative formulas and expert education, OPI empowers beauty professionals to express their creativity and achieve beautiful results.  

Whether you're a seasoned nail technician or just starting out in the industry, OPI has everything you need to succeed. So why wait? Convert to the OPI family today and take your nails to new heights of success. 

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