Why beauty professionals should offer lash tinting treatments

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When it comes to lash treatments, we understand wanting to offer the latest techniques and trending treatments, making it easy to overlook the basics. We believe that lash tinting treatments are a core staple all lash artists should have on their menu. Not only is it a classic that’s loved by many clients, but it’s also a business-savvy option. 

Let’s delve into what lash tinting is, why it's so popular with clients, and why it’s a smart addition to your beauty offering. 


What is lash tinting? 

Lash tinting is a semi-permanent dye designed to enhance the natural lashes. This treatment involves applying a safe, specially formulated dye to the eyelashes, which results in darker, more defined lashes without the need for mascara. The procedure is quick and the results typically last for several weeks, depending on the client’s lash growth cycle and aftercare. 

Why lash tinting is popular with clients 

Low maintenance beauty 

Clients love lash tinting because it simplifies their daily beauty routine. With tinted lashes, there's no need for mascara, which means one less step in the morning and fewer smudges throughout the day. 

Natural enhancement 

Unlike eyelash extensions, lash tinting enhances the natural lashes. This treatment is perfect for clients who want a more subtle look that still provides definition and depth. 

Perfect for active lifestyles 

For clients who enjoy sports, swimming, or any activity that might cause mascara to run, lash tinting is a game-changer. The treatment provides a waterproof solution that stays in place regardless of their activities. 

Safe and comfortable 

When performed by a trained professional, lash tinting is a safe, comfortable and quick procedure.  

After lash tint treatment

Why you should offer lash tinting 

As well as being popular with clients, offering lash tinting is a smart business move for all lash artists. 

Short treatment time 

One of the biggest advantages of lash tinting for beauty professionals is its short treatment time. The entire process typically takes about 15 minutes, allowing you to fit multiple appointments into your schedule. 

Low cost, high return 

Thanks to the fast treatment time and minimal products used, the cost per treatment for lash tinting is relatively low. A small amount of dye goes a long way, making it a cost-effective treatment to offer. We recommend charging a minimum of £15 for lash tint treatments, making it a great revenue booster. 

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Repeat business 

Lash tinting needs to be redone every 4-6 weeks to maintain the desired look. This creates a steady stream of repeat clients, who you may even be able to upgrade to lash lift treatments when they start to love the look of their enhanced natural lashes.  

Don’t forget to be retailing a lash care serum to all your lash clients, too. 

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Let's not overlook the humble lash tint. It’s a great way to ensure you’re offering a client staple that will also increase your profitability. 

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