The NouReport: What are airbrush brows?

After image of airbrush tinting with hybrid brow tint

One of the fastest growing trends that’s going viral on social media right now are airbrush brows. You can’t open Instagram or TikTok without seeing an artist spraying brows with that signature defined finish. 

We decided to take a look at the trend for airbrush tinting and find out if it’s worth the type. 


What are airbrush brows? 

Airbrush brows are created using hybrid brow tint and the new airbrush tinting technique. The first step is to apply a stencil to the brow to create the area that will be airbrushed. We’re not always the biggest fans of brow stencils as it can create a one-size-fits-all brow for your clients, so we would recommend opting for stencils that allow for adjusting so you can try to achieve the desired shape and size for your client. 

Next, the hybrid tint is loaded into an airbrushing device (yes, this is exactly as it sounds) and the tint is sprayed into the stencilled-out area. 

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It’s definitely an interesting concept, so we caught up with our Content Creator & HD Brows Lead Brow Stylist, Jamie Long, to see what he thought after giving it a go. 

“The trend that’s sweeping the brow industry, I obviously had to give it a go,” he said. “I honestly didn’t know what I would think of this treatment or the results as I’m an avid lover of natural, hair stroke brows. I’ve been playing around with hybrid tints recently and the one thing I feel I never quite achieve is that clean, crisp baseline so I was interested to see how the airbrush method would look.” 

Which clients can get airbrush brows? 

“As with all hybrid treatments, airbrush tinting creates a more defined, strong brow. However, using the brow stencils makes the brows super clean and crisp and that's not everyone's look,” explains Jamie. 

This treatment is great for anyone with sparse brows or someone wanting to add that definition, however I don't feel this treatment would be for clients with full, thick brows. Instead, opt for hybrid tint applied with a brush to create defined edges.”

Jamie Long

Content Creator and HD Brows Lead Brow Stylist

Airbrush brow tinting: treatment pros and cons 

If you’re weighing up whether it’s worth investing in an airbrush brows device, we asked Jamie to share his pros and cons on the treatment. 

"The main pro is that it’s super easy and pretty much fool-proof. Using the airbrush tinting method also helps to eliminate any patchiness or blurred edges that can occur when using hybrid dye with a brush. The only con that I can think of is that it could be hard to get clients to buy into,” shares Jamie. 

After image of male brows with airbrush hybrid brows
Image: @_jamielong_

Top tips for airbrush brow tinting 

Looking to try out airbrush brows treatments? Here are some top treatment tips. 

"Don't panic when the tint goes really dark,” says Jamie. “Once applied, the tint begins to dry and darkens quickly. I have panicked and taken it off only to find a slight stain. Apply in thin, even layers and build up gradually. Wait for each layer to dry and go again, aiming for three to four layers of tint. Pat the brows with dry cotton pads to remove any excess tint before removing with damp cotton pads. Also, always remember that preparation is key!” 

There you have it. If you have a client base that like to try out new trends or love a bold, defined brow finish, airbrush brows could be the next big thing for your business. 

So, after trying it out a few times, what’s Jamie’s final verdict? 

“I’m shocked at how much I actually like the results. I really thought I'd dislike it with it being more of a defined look compared to what I usually do. I think it’s fair to say that the airbrush method definitely gives you that clean crisp baseline.” 

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Header image: @_jamielong_