The NouReport: this season's hottest brow trends

The NouReport: this season's hottest brow trends

For years, brows have been a major part of the beauty trends that come around every season. However, it seems that we’re all starting to learn from the DIY brow trend mistakes of the past (how many of your clients are still trying to regrow overplucked brows) as many of the beauty trends of today seem to be linked to professional treatments.

As we head into the spring/summer season, these are the brow looks that your clients are likely be requesting.


Spring/summer 2023 eyebrow trends

Here’s a look at the current trending brow looks

Textured, fluffy brows

Close up of textured, fluffy brow lamination

Image: immaculatebeauty_by_helena_

Brow lamination has been one of the most popular eyebrow treatments for the last few years and it’s not going anywhere. However, we are starting to see a more tailored approach to brow lamination coming through. The ultra-brushed up look is still going strong, but people are now using lamination to get a more textured, fluffy look with the hairs positioned at a slightly more natural angle. They’re also combining this with soft makeup using a slim brow pencil and brow gel to add a little more depth and definition that still has a crisp, clean look.

Of course, us professionals know that the hairs are not set into that super brushed up position, but lots of clients don’t realise this. Use this as an opportunity to educate clients on the different looks that can be achieved with brow lamination.

If you’re not already trained in brow lamination, the HD BrowSculpt course teaches more than just the classic lamination look we’re used to seeing. The course covers how to tailor the treatment to suit every client.

This look can also be achieved with longer-lasting results thanks to permanent makeup. Microblading and PMU artists can upskill with the K.B Pro Fluffy Brows Masterclass, where you'll learn techniques to help you master this on-trend look.

Barely-there brows

Image of model with light coloured, 'barely there' brows and glowy skin

Image: @yadavillaret

While last year saw celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox rock a totally bleached out brow, we’re now seeing this transition to a far more wearable trend. Using brow lightening treatments, clients are opting for a softer, more subtle brow shade. This look also ties in with the clean girl aesthetic and other popular fresh-faced makeup trends.

Ombre brows

Image taken after a digital permanent makeup treatment with an ombre brows finish

Image: @_browenvy

2016 may have been the year for those bold, dramatic ombre brows created with pomades, but this year sees a more natural take on this old-school trend. It seems that the best way to achieve the look is now with tattooing, rather than makeup. One of the biggest PMU trends of the moment is a soft, subtle ombre brow that gives the illusion of a made-up brow that still looks natural.

PMU artists - advance your artistry to ensure you’re able to deliver this look to your clients with the online K.B Pro Ombre Brows Masterclass.

Straight brows

Behind the scenes image of model Florence Pugh of her makeup

Image: @florencepugh

Proving that brow trends come back around, the archless eyebrow that is synonymous with Audrey Hepburn is coming back around thanks to its ability to add a subtle lift to the face.

This trend is where we need to be on the lookout for clients making a DIY disaster of their brows. We’re seeing people shaving off their downwards arching tails to achieve that flatter brow shape.

Although it is possible for professionals to add lift to the tail to create a flatter brow, those with a high arch may struggle to get the look. However, with some clever makeup tricks, clients can create the illusion of lift. Using a matte brow highlighter, apply under the tail and bulb of the brow and leave the arch to help those areas appear lifted.

With all these brow trends, your treatments are sure to be as popular as ever. Be sure to get stocked up on your treatment essentials to see you through the next season.

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