The NouReport: Is the Brow Lamination Trend Over?

Model with subtle brow lamination

Trends in beauty come and go with the seasons, but brow lamination seems to have been the one that stood the test of time. Whilst it seemed like full, fluffy and freshly laminated brows were here to stay, recent shifts in the industry might mark the twilight of an era for brow lamination.  

From its meteoric rise as the go-to solution for achieving those perfectly groomed, feathery brows to whispers on TikTok about its potential decline alongside the 'clean girl' aesthetic, it seems that brow lamination might be on its way out.  

However, there’s no need for brow lamination artists to fear; this particular look may be showing signs of slowing down, but these techniques can still be a core part of your treatment offering. 


Is brow lamination over? 

The ever-evolving landscape of social media has long dictated the current on-trend looks. With the rise of TikTok and fast-paced content, trends seem to be turning over quicker than ever before.  

Despite the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic only coming to popularity within the last year, TikTok users have been vocal about their departure from this clean, polished look that heavily featured laminated brows and natural, dewy skin. 

Many beauty lovers and professionals alike have predicted that 2024 is the year we will start to look back on overly lifted brows in the same way we look back on the super-thin brows of the 1990s.  

Redefining brow lamination 

There’s no need to start regretting the investment you’ve put into your brow lamination training and products. Whilst it’s possible that people start to step away from exaggerated, brushed up brows this year, that doesn’t mean the principles of lamination are now redundant.  

As professionals, we can repurpose these techniques, focusing on enhancing and correcting natural brow shapes rather than strictly adhering to the laminated look. 

Tailoring techniques with HD BrowSculpt 

Clients may think that brow lamination is a one-look treatment, but it’s really just the name for the process of breaking down the bonds within the hair to make it easier to manipulate, before re-setting the bonds.  

Close up before and after to show how brow lamination can correct unruly brow hairs

Presently, it’s mainly used to create brushed up brows that stay in place, but lamination is an amazing corrective technique to have in your arsenal. Making the hairs easier to brush and style is ideal for any clients that struggle with thick, coarse hairs that can’t be tamed with brow gel. It can also be used across the entire brow or in small sections to correct the brow shape and asymmetry. 

These techniques are taught on the HD BrowSculpt course or the HD BrowSculpt Conversion Course for those that already hold a qualification but want to expand their skillset. 

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Is brow lamination safe? 

It’s not just changing trends that could contribute to the decline in popularity of brow lamination. The safety of lamination has been a topic of concern, especially in the context of at-home procedures. While DIY kits might promise convenience, they often lack the necessary expertise and safety measures. Professionals emphasise the importance of visiting trained specialists who use safe products and understand how to follow the correct procedures for every hair type. 

When administered by a skilled professional using high-quality, tested products, brow lamination is considered safe. These professionals undergo training to ensure proper application, minimising the risks associated with the procedure. 

As beauty trends continue to shift, it's essential that clients approach treatments with caution and the proper research, prioritising safety and expertise over DIY solutions. 

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The ebb and flow of beauty trends are inevitable, and the decline of brow lamination will make way for a variety of new brow trends for 2024. As beauty professionals, we need to be quick to adapt, using innovative techniques to offer tailored solutions that resonate with evolving preferences. Be ready to start educating clients now on the other benefits of brow lamination to retain those clients the trend brought in. 

Ultimately, while the brow lamination trend might be fading, the beauty industry remains ready to embrace the next wave of transformative treatments.