The NouReport: Angel Lashes

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Is anyone else as obsessed with angel lashes as we are? This latest viral eyelash extensions trend is captivating the beauty industry, offering beautiful lashes with an angelic flutter.  

Here’s what you need to know about angel lashes and why they’re becoming a must-have extensions style. 


What are angel lashes? 

Angel lashes are a lash extensions technique designed to create a soft, delicate and ethereal look by combining classic and wispy volume lashes. 

This heavenly trend has stemmed from a shift towards a minimalist and more natural beauty look. Clients are increasingly looking for ways to enhance their natural beauty without appearing overdone. Angel lashes strike the perfect balance, offering noticeable enhancement while maintaining a natural look. 

Whether your client is seeking a look for everyday wear or a special occasion, angel lashes are versatile enough for every occasion. Their delicate nature makes them suitable for professional environments, whilst their subtle drama can also add a touch of glamour for nights out. 

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How to create angel lashes 

To create angel lashes, you’ll need to use lighter extensions than you would for a classic set. The key to this hybrid style is to create closed fans with wispy volume lashes and map them around individual classics.  

“The overall look for an angel lash set is a much softer approach to the original hybrid style, incorporating a closed fan or spike in between open fans. The look is much fluffier due to the closed fans being wispy and having set increments throughout,” explains Terri Hordle, Senior Elite Trainer at Nouveau HD Beauty Group. 

This effect helps to create a finish that is closer to natural lash growth patterns and adds to that fluttery look. 

If you’ve ever created lashes in the wet look style, it’s a similar principle but just with a softer effect. 

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What lashes should I use for angel lashes? 

When creating angel lashes, you can get creative with the lashes you use, creating bespoke looks for every client.  

0.03mm lashes are generally used to create the wispy fans, but you could also use up to 0.07mm diameter depending on your client’s desired finish. 

For those lash ‘spikes’ that help to create that angelic look, use a layering technique of lashes that are 7mm – 10mm in length. 

The London Lash Mayfair lashes are an ideal option to help you get the look. 

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Angel lash application tips 

Mastering the art of angel lashes requires a combination of skill and creativity. Here are some tips to help you perfect your technique. 


The key to achieving the angel lash look is in the layering process. Use lashes of different lengths and diameters to create a natural effect that lifts and opens the eyes. 

Wispy placement 

To achieve the signature wispy look, avoid placing lashes in a uniform pattern. Instead, have some longer lengths that create ‘spikes’ through the lashes to mimic natural lash growth. This technique adds depth and dimension to the overall look. 

For any clients requesting this look, I would suggest dropping down the length of the open fans or spikes to allow the closed fans to be longer without being too dramatic.”

Terri Hordle

Senior Elite Trainer at Nouveau HD Beauty Group

Quality products 

Investing in high-quality lash extensions and adhesives is crucial. The delicate nature of angel lashes requires products that are both durable and lightweight to ensure comfort and longevity.  

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Who are angel lashes suitable for? 

Angel lashes are suitable for anyone looking to achieve this light, fluttery lash look. You can really get creative with this trend, tailoring the lashes used to suit every eye shape. 

Angel lashes can tend to last longer than a classic set, making them a great alternative for clients with a quick growth cycle. 

Angel lashes aftercare and maintenance 

Educating your clients on proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the look and health of their angel lashes. As always, ensure they leave you armed with the correct aftercare advice and home care products.

Gentle cleansing 

Encourage clients to cleanse their lashes gently using a lash-friendly cleanser. Avoid oil-based products as they can weaken the adhesive bond. 

Regular brushing 

Suggest that clients use a clean spoolie brush to comb through their lashes daily. This helps to keep them untangled and maintains their wispy appearance. 

Avoid excessive touching 

Remind clients to avoid rubbing or pulling at their lashes. Excessive touching can cause premature shedding and damage the delicate extensions. 

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As beauty professionals, embracing this trend not only keeps you current but also offers your clients a personalised lash experience. By mastering the techniques and providing top-notch aftercare advice, you can ensure that your clients flutter away with angelic lashes.