Discover the Sienna X Difference: Your Ultimate Tanning Choice

Discover the Sienna X Difference: Your Ultimate Tanning Choice

We caught up with the fab team at Sienna X to really get under the skin of why a beauty professional should choose them for their salon spray tans, and here’s what they had to say…


Celebrated by clients, beauticians and even celebrities, Sienna X is a multi award-winning professional tanning brand, driven by innovation and a commitment to inclusivity.

A Legacy of Beauty & Transformation

With an impressive 19-year journey within the beauty industry, Sienna X has emerged as a transformative force, impacting over 28,000 lives through the transformative power of beauty. From its modest beginnings, Sienna X has evolved into a name synonymous with expertise, premium formulations, and undeniable results. Notably, Sienna X's professional customers have collectively generated over £200 million, a testament to the brand's effectiveness and popularity.

Empowerment Through Quality Formulations

Sienna X stands as the preferred choice among professionals for its extensive range of spray tan solutions. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, these formulations are both gentle on the skin and deliver long-lasting, natural-looking results. Sienna X caters to diverse skin types and tanning preferences, offering a wide array of shades perfect for everyBODY. Whether your clients opt for a gradual development or prefer an express transformation, Sienna X has you covered with over 6 different shades to choose from. Furthermore, the solutions dry quickly without any uncomfortable residue. The brand's commitment to ethical beauty shines through with its vegan-friendly formulas and cruelty-free stance.

Sienna X Spray Tan Solutions

Luxurious Nourishment & Radiance

Sienna X solutions not only leave the skin with a stunning glow but also nourish it with a blend of natural active ingredients. Infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, these self-tanning products offer moisturising, anti-aging, and beautifully fragranced benefits. The result? A radiant softness that complements the gorgeous glow.

Sienna X Spary Tan Magic Ingredients

Self-Tanning Revolution: Beauty & Ethics Combined

The Sienna X self-tanning collection is more than just a beauty regimen; it's a transformational experience. The pro-level formulas, proudly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, are enriched with natural actives that give glorious, natural-looking tans while pampering the skin. Every tan leaves your clients walking away feeling like they’ve just come back from that relaxing summer holiday. 

Complete Care: Prep & Beyond

Sienna X's dedication extends beyond the tanning process. The brand also focuses on the importance of preparation and aftercare, providing a comprehensive range of essentials. From primers to barrier creams, wipes to tan erasers, Sienna X ensures every aspect of the tanning journey is impeccably covered enabling you to offer a high end service.

At-Home Luxury: Award-Winning Self-Tanning

Don't let your clients miss out on the luxurious Sienna X experience beyond the spray tan treatment you have offered. The brand's at-home self-tanning products have garnered lavish awards, translating professional quality into products you they can indulge in from the comfort of their home.

Inevitably, once your clients have experienced the Sienna X glow, there’s no going back and they’ll be back for your services in no time. Sienna X also offers various ways to enhance your treatments, stock up on some retail products to offer tan extras or goody bags so that clients can maintain their professional tans from the comfort of their homes. Being a tanning therapist that offers Sienna X is highly accredited within the industry as the desired Sienna X glow is largely sought after. Get stocked up on your Sienna X products today. 

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