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Our mission at Nouveau Beauty is to create a destination for beauty professionals to shop, learn and be inspired. Part of that is to make it as simple as possible for professionals across the industry to upskill and master new techniques. That’s why we’ve made the decision to make it easier for current industry professionals to access the products and courses from our homegrown brands, HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes.   


We have always been passionate about upholding and elevating high industry standards and we believe a key factor in that is education, education, education. We are incredibly proud of the work that goes into developing and testing our professional products, but it’s even more important that our artists are armed with the knowledge to safely perform treatments and deliver the very best results. Our in-house global education team work hard to create courses that ensure artists are trained to the highest beauty standard.  

Our aim is to ensure that every artist has access to the best products and the best education so that they can perform their best ever treatments, which is why we’re working closely with our partner brands to deliver a range of free courses to help you make the most of your Nouveau Beauty orders. Keep your eyes peeled for online education coming from some of our friends at top brands across the beauty industry very soon.  

To kick things off, we’re starting by offering free conversion courses* for three in-demand treatments: LVL, HD Brows and HD Brows BrowSculpt (brow lamination). The free, online conversion courses will be offered with the first purchase of select HD Brows or Nouveau Lashes LVL products so that professional artists can join these industry-leading brands, access their world-class education and ensure our professional community is delivering the highest standards of treatments; showing our real commitment to helping break down beauty barriers and building beauty standards.   

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team at [email protected] or 01977 655090. 

Want to join our mission of building beauty standards? Discover the full range of professional products and training available at Nouveau Beauty.  

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Are HD Brows, HD Brows BrowSculpt and Nouveau Lashes LVL products now available to everyone?  

While we have made it easier for beauty professionals to access our previously restricted professional products, we still want to uphold our high industry standards by ensuring they complete training with us. When someone purchases these previously restricted products, they will receive a free version of a relevant conversion course.   

In line with our standard terms and conditions, you must hold an insureable qualification for any professional treatments products you are purchasing, please read our full terms and conditions here

What free training will people receive?  

Professionals who purchase products without an existing HD Brows, HD Brows BrowSculpt or Nouveau Lashes LVL qualification will receive a conversion course that focuses on the products, treatments and techniques required for their purchase, ensuring they are using these formulas correctly and to the standards we expect from our artists.  

This is not an insurable qualification, and they must hold an insurable qualification in the relevant treatment to purchase the products (please see our standard terms and conditions). 

What is the length of the free conversion courses?  

Our online conversion courses have been created to be carried out at a time and pace to suit the individual, meaning the length of the course can vary. However, we find that on average they take 2 - 4 hours to complete. Each course also includes a downloadable training manual.  

Do people who convert get a salon finder listing?  

Successful completion of the conversion course grants the professional status as an official HD Brows stylist and/or Nouveau Lashes artist. This means they will be able to be listed on the salon finder of the own brand websites in the relevant treatment.  

Can those who convert promote themselves as a HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes LVL artist?  

Yes, only upon completing the course and converting to an official HD Brows stylist and/or Nouveau Lashes artist, these professionals will be able to access and use our branding and marketing materials.  

*Free training is a conversion course and NOT an insurable qualification. You must already hold an insurable qualification in the relevant treatment.