6 Winter Nail Care Tips for Your Clients

Flatlay of OPI and Navy nail products on a snowy background

As the winter season approaches, it brings with it chilly weather and dry air, which can take its toll on nails. Cold temperatures, low humidity, and central heating can leave nails brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Not ideal for your nail clients. 

However, with a little extra care and attention, your clients can keep their nails looking fabulous throughout the winter months. In this blog post, we'll share some valuable tips you can pass onto clients (and use yourself) on how to take care of nails in winter. 


1. Establish a full hand care routine 

Hydration is key to maintaining healthy nails in the winter. Just as you moisturise your skin to combat dryness, nails also require adequate hydration and care.  

Our hands face the elements on a daily basis, so it’s important to establish a full hand care routine to prevent dry skin and cracked nails. 

A good quality cuticle oil helps prevent nail splitting and cracking, which are common in the winter. How many of your nail clients have purchased a cuticle oil from you but fail to regularly apply? The OPI Nail Cuticle Oil To Go is the perfect item to retail to clients who want a simple way to incorporate cuticle oil into their daily routine. This sleek tube can be popped into their bag and applied quickly and easily throughout the day, wherever they are. 

For those that aren’t a fan of applying an oil, there’s the Navy Cuticle Balm. Housed in a compact tin, this formula is enriched with rosehip and coconut oils, for all the benefits of a cuticle oil in a balm texture. 

Complete the hand care routine by nourishing dry skin with the Navy Hand Balm. The formula has no added water to ensure it offers intense, long-lasting hydration. 

2. Avoid excessive water exposure 

While it's important to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated with caring products, you should also be cautious about overexposure to water. Frequent handwashing and long soaks in hot water can weaken nails and cause them to become more susceptible to breakage. To protect nails, wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or any other activity that involves prolonged exposure to water. 

3. Use the right base and top coats 

For your nail clients, ensure you are selecting the right base and top coats for their nail type. Even clients who usually have strong, healthy nails could find them becoming thin and soft during the winter months. If that’s the case, you may need to switch to the OPI Stay Strong Base Coat for their gel manicures. 

If you have clients that come to you for other treatments but paint their own nails, you can retail them the OPI Nail Lacquer Base Coat and Top Coat to ensure they are applying some layers of protection to their natural nail.  

4. Opt for shorter nails 

Maintaining the right nail shape can help prevent chips and breaks. In the winter, it's advisable to keep natural nails shorter. This minimises the risk of them snagging on clothing or other objects, which can lead to damage. Keeping them squared is also recommended, as this is the strongest nail shape. 

5. Wear gloves 

Gloves are for more than just keeping hands warm. Protect hands and nails from the cold and wind by wearing gloves when outside. Gloves act as a barrier, preventing nails from being exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh elements. 

6. Go into repair mode 

For clients with extremely weak, brittle or damaged nails, they may need to take a break from treatments to help strengthen their natural nails back up.  

We understand that many clients won’t want to skip their sparkly party nails or festive nail art, but there is still time to get natural nails back into shape. The OPI Repair Mode is a revolutionary nail care serum that can strengthen nails in as little as a week. It’s an essential item for all nail artists to have in their retail line.  


Winter doesn't have to be a season of nail woes. By following these tips for winter nail care, your clients can maintain beautiful, healthy nails despite the cold and dry weather. Remember, a little extra care and attention can go a long way in keeping nails strong and looking their best all year round.