3 on-trend looks with hybrid brow tinting

Hybrid brow tint before and after on sparse brows

Hybrid brow artists, are you ready to take your clients' brows to the next level? As a beauty professional, staying ahead of trends is key, and hybrid brow tinting is revolutionising the brow game. This versatile technique combines brow tinting and skin staining, resulting in defined brows with long lasting results.  

Let's dive into three innovative ways you can use hybrid brow tinting to achieve on-trend looks that will leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful. 


Combining hybrid brow tinting with brow lamination

Hollie Parkes hybrid brow tint with lamination

Brow lamination has taken the beauty world by storm, offering clients a way to achieve fluffy, groomed brows without the need for daily styling. By combining brow lamination with hybrid brow tinting, you can create brows that are not only perfectly shaped but also beautifully defined. Start by performing the brow lamination treatment to lift the brow hairs, creating a fuller appearance. Once the brows are laminated, apply the hybrid brow tint to fill in any sparse areas and add depth and dimension.

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Hybrid brow tinting on sparse brows

Huyana Beauty hybrid brow tint on sparse brows

Sparse brows can be a source of frustration for many clients, but hybrid brow tinting offers a solution that is both defined and long-lasting. By carefully tinting throughout the brow to achieve skin staining in the sparse gaps, you can create the illusion of fuller, more defined brows that perfectly complement your client's features.

Start by mapping out the desired shape of the brows, considering the natural brow structure and any areas that need extra attention. Then, apply your tint using the layering technique to ensure you can achieve the perfect intensity and colour for your client. The result? Brows that look effortlessly full and perfectly groomed with minimal maintenance.

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Airbrush brow tinting with hybrid brow tint

Jamie Long hybrid brow tint applied with airbrush

For clients who want that signature hybrid look with ultra crisp, clean results, airbrush brow tinting is the perfect solution. This technique allows you to achieve a soft, gradient effect, whilst the stencil helps you to achieve perfectly crisp edges.

Start by mixing the hybrid brow tint to the desired shade, then load it into an airbrush gun. Using gentle, sweeping motions, apply the tint to the brows, focusing on building up the colour gradually for a soft effect and precise results.

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In conclusion, hybrid brow tinting can be tailored to create on-trend looks or to meet your client’s needs so they can leave feeling confident.

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