Dermatude Meta Therapy: Skin boosting system

Award-winning, celebrity loved skin rejuvenation treatment. Discover the innovative skin boosting concept, Dermatude Meta Therapy, for anti-ageing and skin enhancement. The salon facial with device + skincare to get that #perfectglow. No downtime, FDA approved and clinically proven

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Become a Dermatude therapist

With a starter kit included, it's a true 'business in a box' concept for your salon. Get trained, get started. It's really that easy

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Premium quality skincare

Salon quailty sincare for home use to get the best out of your clients' skin between appointments, while boosting earnings per treatment

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Microneedling or Meta Therapy?

Don't let how it looks fool you. Dermatude Meta Therapy is not your standard microneedling treatment

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Rev up the collagen #perfectglow

The salon facial with Dermatude’s patented treatment device gives the skin’s own collagen production a kickstart: this is constructive skin rejuvenation from within! Each salon facial keeps revving up collagen levels, improving skin texture, tone, hydration, firmness, contours and elasticity.  

This treatment + Dermatude skincare = your client’s best skin 

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What is Dermatude Meta Therapy?

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